Commercial Landscape Design

L&M provides high quality commercial landscape design, installation, and maintenance to Statesville NC, Mooresville NC, and Charlotte NC for almost 15 years. We design, implement, and maintain your  investment and are committed to solutions that are both attractive and have long-term sustainability. Our comprehensive landscape services create an environment that looks good year round while complementing your specific property layout. We partner with facility owners, new property architects, and other general contractors to define landscape requirements and create landscape features that fit the project budget. From an initial landscape analysis to a finished project, L&M creates a relationship built on trust and communication so that expectations are met.

Our Commercial Landscape Design Services

Commercial Landscape Design

L&M understands that your external landscape is the first thing your tenants, and their own clients, see when they come to the facility. Our commercial landscape designers specialize in designing custom large-scale environments that complement the building structure while maximizing functionality of the property. Each of L&M’s commercial design projects is a combination of partnering with our clients and the experience of working with plant life and materials that create a personality that tenets can be proud of. From your commercial lawn care appearance to your natural area plant life, the exterior of your facility can create a lasting impression. An attractive landscape tells your clients that you care while a poorly maintained outdoor environment can create the wrong impression of your business and its practices. L&M creates commercial landscape designs that will start your customer relationship off right while building an outdoor setting where people will be happy to work or live.

Commercial Hardscape Design

L&M builds commercial grade hardscapes using quality materials meant to last the the lifetime of your property investment. Hardscape features can create additional usable land space and fix drainage issues presented from adjacent properties. Outdoor meeting areas on commercial property or common areas at residential facilities create a central focus for tenets to enjoy. Hardscape features can help protect your property, increase its property value, and create a visually pleasing display in otherwise underutilized areas.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance

L&M’s experienced grounds management team keeps the landscape surrounding your mutli-family apartment complexes, offices, and business properties in pristine condition with our weekly or bi-weekly service options. Our landscape maintenance packages are custom built based on your individual properties requirements with one-off services available at any time. Just as important as landscape design, commercial landscape maintenance is about keeping your property’s investment clean and aesthetically pleasing. Your landscape is in a constant state of change as your plants and trees grow, tenants and their clients use the facilities, and weather conditions change. Without a regular, professional maintenance plan, you outdoor environment can quickly degrade and reduce the visual appeal of your total facility.

Tree and Plant Life Selection

Choosing the right tree and plant life is crucial when considering the functional requirements of the property. A quick growing tree could create root damage to sidewalks and foundations while certain plant life could be poisonous to humans and pets. Watering requirements, blooming schedules, and what your plant life might attract also must be considered because of the additional maintenance they might require. L&M selects the right mix of trees and plants that are beautiful to behold and complement the surrounding environment.

Erosion Control Strategy

L&M knows that flooding, pooling, and other unexpected water can damage your landscape while posing risk to assets within your facility. Facility features like catch-basins, gutters, and downspouts will be regularly checked for blockage to ensure water flow is not impeded. Our landscape team can also help determine the ideal slope of your property to promote proper drainage to designated areas.


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