Lawn and Landscape Fertilization

L&M provides lawn and landscape fertilization customized to the specific needs of your plant life to maximize your landscape’s potential without over fertilization.

Your landscape team will assess your lawn, trees, and shrubs to create an annual fertilization program to promote steady, healthy growth. The four key nutrient (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Iron) levels and soil pH levels are used to build a balanced fertilizer service to correct nutrient imbalance while building a stable growing environment. Surrounding landscape features and proximity to water sources is also taken into consideration to minimize over-fertilization or damage.

Your personal lawn and landscape fertilization service can start at any time and will based on your personal grass and plant life types.

Lawn Fertilization

L&M knows that grass grown without supplemental fertilization becomes deprived of needed nutrients while opening your lawn to further damage from weed development and general stunted growth.

Homeowners that purchase their own lawn fertilizer often make decisions based on the lowest price or how many features are available in one product without considering its effect on other plant life. Your lawn requires specific levels of each of the four key nutrients depending on its current condition and growth cycle. An excess application of any one of these nutrients can damage your lawn or create additional issues like fungus or dollar spot disease.

Tree and Bush Fertilization

L&M can build a custom fertilization program based on your tree and bush types to encourage growth and maximize fruit and flower production.

Newly planted trees and bushes need higher nutrient levels to encourage quick growth and increase its ability to establish a strong root system. Low key nutrient levels in established plants can keep your trees and bushes from retaining water properly, open them to disease, or minimize fruit-bearing. At a minimum, a lack of fertilization for your trees and bushes leads to yellowing of leaves and improper growth patterns.

Flower and Plant Fertilization

L&M maintains your flowers and plants through supplemental feeding and care. Your flowers and plants in natural areas can grow without fertilizer, but they will never reach their full potential without supplemental nutrients. Not fertilizing your plants will limit the amount of flowering activity and keep them from producing as they should. Your soil composition most likely does not naturally contain the essential nutrients flowering plants require for optimal growth.


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