Landscape Design and Maintenance

L&M’s experienced landscape designers partner with our clients to build a functional environment that is visually pleasing while making the most practical use of your landscape budget. Our landscape architects create custom and professional designs for properties of every size based on your personal wish list and property layout. All of our services are performed by our own in-house team to provide a quality, turnkey experience backed by experience.

Your lawn care regimen, trees, shrubs, and flower beds represent who you are to your neighbors and guests while a well-maintained landscape can add true equity to your total home value.  Investing in your landscape also makes your experience more enjoyable when spending time outdoors with your family and friends. Our team of professionals strive to provide landscape design and maintenance services that help you utilize your outdoor spaces through all four seasons in an environment that is visually pleasing.

Landscape Design Planning

L&M provides consistent, professional results by following a structured process for all of our landscape design projects. From the smallest front yard landscape plan to a complete backyard design, the planning process is the most crucial component of a successful project. Starting a landscape project without the proper planning can quickly lead to an out-of-control budget or unhappiness with the end result.

An experienced project manager will meet with you personally to discuss your ideal landscape and understand how you hope to make use of your new or renovated outdoor space. Budget estimates will be provided based on a thorough understanding of your property layout while our experts help manage expectations in terms of how climate or soil conditions can affect plant choices. A general plan will then be drafted to address common questions including required preparation work, base material requirements, and estimated completion dates.

Natural Area Construction

Flower beds and Natural Areas create a special area for you plant life to flourish and receive the right nutrients that is often different from your lawn. Digging the dirt and treating nutrient deficiencies can be time consuming and hard work for a homeowner. L&M will create the shape, select border types, and prepare the soil for your plant life.

Plant Selection

Choosing the right flowers, trees, and shrubs for your landscape requires an experienced eye for design combined with a background in climate and zone growth requirements. Seasonal growth patterns that result in color and beauty year round requires planning and a broad knowledge of plant life and their cycles. L&M will produce a plant selection program that you will benefit from year-round.

Irrigation and Drainage Consulting

Just like nutrients, having the right amount of water is critical to plant health and maximizing their abilities. Not enough water and plants wither and possibly die as they are exposed to weather extremes. Too much water and plants can have their nutrients stripped while saturated soil creates muddy areas and breeding grounds for bugs and disease. L&M will consult with you on irrigation and drainage needs for your landscape to ensure your plant life is receiving the optimal water amount.

Outdoor Lighting Features

L&M will implement a mix of direct and indirect lighting features that highlight the most important features of your landscape while increasing the usability of your property at night


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