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L&M provides natural and artificial mulch that complements your landscape to enhance the curb appeal of your home and make your lawn care duties easier. Mulch helps protect your landscaping investment by maintaining a healthy environment for your flowers, bushes, hedges, trees, annuals, and perennials while increasing your property’s attractiveness overall. Mulch medium creates a protective covering that aids in establishing new plantings while maintaining the health of already established plants. An application of mulch can help improve the health of your plant life significantly by maintaining an ideal environment of moisture and temperature to support seasonal growth. Mulch is an easy, inexpensive solution to provide this protection in multiple forms including shredded tree bark, pine needles, rubber, rocks, wood chips, and other mediums. Our landscape designers will work with you to choose the right material that complements your outdoor space.

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Why Use Mulch?

Reduce Watering Requirements

Mulch helps reduce your seasonal watering requirements by retaining moisture and reducing evaporation in the soil during spring and summer heat. The natural air space created within the mulch bed helps increase water penetration when you do water, boosting your plant’s ability to utilize it. In addition to maintaining moisture, mulch helps reduce soil erosion during heavy rainfall or strong winds to retain the top layer of your soil.

Maintain Ideal Temperature

Your plants and trees can subjected to temperature changes where extreme seasonal fluctuations could leave them damaged. Mulch helps protect your plants and trees during unnatural weather extremes to regulate soil temperature and insulate your against dramatic changes in heat or cold. Without proper insulation, a late spring freeze could mean certain death for your new plantings or shallow-root plants. A summer heat wave could create a hot, dry root environment that can be equally damaging.

Discourage Weeds

While you should always perform de-weeding prior to applying mulch, adding a thick base covering of mulch around your plants, trees, shrubs, and bushes will deter weeds from growing. In return, a reduction in weed control maintenance labor comes with less weeds germinating in the natural area.

Improve Your Soil

Natural mulch works to improve your soil structure as it decomposes and acts as an organic fertilizer for your plant life. The breakdown of natural mulch mimics the natural process that trees and plants would experience in the wild, gaining nutrients from decomposing plant material that drops from fauna or plants surrounding it. As the natural mulch breaks down, it will slowly transform into nutrient rich soil while adding organics back into the ground.


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