Core Lawn Aeration

L&M performs core aeration services as part of your total lawn care maintenance plan. Lawn Aeration is a job best performed by professionals that have invested in the equipment and education in treating your lawn properly. Renting equipment can be expensive and possibly result in injury to yourself or your lawn if not executed properly. The condition of your soil is one of the most important factors in growing a healthy lawn and not aerating  annually. Southern soil with its heavy clay composition becomes compacted very easily, stunting the growth of your lawn’s root structure. Soil compaction can also lead to related problems like nutrient deficiency and poor water drainage within your lawn. Let L&M help you with this burdensome task and help make your lawn as healthy as possible.

Why Aerate your Lawn?

Build A Stronger Root System

Your lawn root structure is a major factor in the resiliency of your lawn. If your lawn roots are less than two inches deep, it could benefit from aeration to provide space for roots to expand while promoting direct absorption of nutrients and fertilizer.

Relieve Compaction to Improve Oxygen Exchange Between Air and Soil

Lawn aeration reduces compaction of your soil to allow your lawn to breathe and receive oxygen at the root source. Your grass struggles to receive the proper amount of water and nutrients when soil is compacted. A lack of oxygen, water, and the proper nutrients can cause trauma to your lawn which leads to brown spots, bare patches, and opening your lawn to weed propagation.

Enhance Lawn Water Intake

The holes created by lawn aeration allow for rain water and supplemental irrigation to access your lawn’s roots at a deeper level. Irrigation becomes more effective which reduces the need to water as often, saving you money in the long run.

Remove Thatch

Lawn thatch is made of a dead layer of grass mixed with the stems, leaves, and roots of other decaying matter settled on your lawn. An overgrowth of thatch on your lawn creates an ideal environment for pests and lawn disease to flourish while reducing the effectiveness of fertilizer. Lawn aeration removes more than half of a lawn’s thatch buildup while promoting microorganism activity that reduces thatch buildup naturally.


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