Leaf Cleanup and Removal Service

L&M lawn care experts understand that removing leaves from your landscape not only improves the appearance of your outdoor space but also is vital to your lawn health. Our leaf removal services can be provided as an individual service or as part of a complete lawn care maintenance program during the fall and early spring. L&M has the right equipment and professional staff to handle any size leaf removal project.

Why is Leaf Removal Important?

Your Grass Needs Oxygen

Most homeowners have a fescue lawn with a peak growing season during the Fall and early Spring months. Unattended leaves keep sunlight from reaching your growing grass while preventing the proper air flow to keep excess water to evaporate. When leaves are covering your lawn for extended periods of time, the grass underneath can be harmed almost to the point of killing the grass.

Moisture Breeds Fungus in Your Lawn

Excess water buildup can occur when leaves are covering your grass and landscape. This excess water creates an ideal environment for various fungi that steals nutrients intended for other plant life while encouraging disease growth.


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