Mosquito Control Service

As the weather warms up and April showers leave standing water on your lawn and landscape mosquitos begin their breeding cycle. You have waited all Winter to be able to go outside and enjoy your lawn and landscape only to have it ruined by invading mosquitos attacking in shaded areas and everyone as evening approaches. L&M provides incorporates modern equipment and experienced landscape staff to address your current adult mosquito infestation and their breeding areas.

Right Amount of the Right Ingredients

The most common pesticide ingredients the public can purchase, like pyrethrum or permethrin, are toxic to more than just the mosquitos you are trying to treat. Treating mosquitos yourself can disrupt your landscape ecosystem when chemicals are not handled properly or applied in the wrong amounts. Bees that are pollenating your flowers and trees or ladybugs that eat other troublesome insects can be killed when treating your mosquito infestation at the wrong time of day. Ponds with fish or even within the lake area can be killed as well from direct application or excess runoff from over-spraying or spreading of pesticides. L&M uses commercial-grade pesticides that are properly applied to minimize damage to your landscape environment while treating mosquitos and other bothersome outdoor insects.

Safely Treating Pests

L&M performs your mosquito control service during the early morning or evening hours when mosquitos are most active. Your personal treatment plan will be performed after personally surveying your landscape layout to note natural areas and water features. Our landscape notes areas where mosquitos and pests will most likely breed and show you ways to naturally minimize mosquito swarms by eliminating unnecessary standing water. L&M wants to help you maintain a landscape that is healthy for your family and pets while preventing and repelling mosquito swarms.


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