Residential Hardscape Design

L&M understands how choosing the right materials and an understanding of your property layout is crucial to creating hardscape features that transition properly from one area to the next. Our hardscape concepts are based on almost 15 years of experience of designing outdoor environments that are both inviting and complementary to your landscape design. Hardscape design often starts with the desire to make better use of your outdoor space or the need to fix an issue that is affecting the rest of your landscape. L&M understands that your hardscape, combined with your landscape design, is a reflection of your individuality and how you represent yourself to your neighbors and friends. Your assigned project manager works with you to define and build your vision of an ideal outdoor space that integrates into your lifestyle while adding personality to your home.

Hardscape Design Planning

A thorough planning process should also include short- and long-term goals for your landscape because of the inherent permanance that comes with building a hardscape. Creating an ideal hardscape requires experience with different materials and an understanding of how each material can be affected by sun exposure, moisture, and use by the residents. Colors and textures should coordinate with the exterior of your home, and some interior features, to create a cohesive environment as you move from inside to the outside. From a small paver walkway through your sideyard to a full outdoor kitchen that rivals your favorite restaurant, L&M partners with you from material selection to implementation.

Hardscape Ideas and Projects

Brick and Concrete Work

Steps, Driveways, Various Masonry Projects

Paver Walkways

Providing a Path Between Landscape Features

Stone or Block Retaining Walls

Walls To Enhance Your Property Value, Fix Drainage, and Make More Of Your Landscape Usable

Outdoor Fireplaces

Creating A Central Gathering Space To Enjoy At Night Or When Weather Is Cold


Building Open or Framed Sitting Spaces That Can Be Enjoyed Year Round

Outdoor Kitchens

Building A Cooking Area For Grilling Out or Any Meal You Would Prepare Indoors

Pergolas and Arbors

Adding Shade and Beauty To Your Landscape While Permitting Clinging Vines or Other Plant Life An Area To Expand


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