Residential Lawn Care

New Lawn and Lawn Repair Service

The combination of proper timing, adequate soil preparation, and how you care for new growth is crucial for the success of growing the lawn of your dreams. From a newly built home that comes with a bare dirt yard full of weeds, to a lawn suffering from weeds and bare spots, starting a new lawn can be hard work. Homeowners can easily become frustrated because they do not have the time to keep up with all of the steps or lack the experience to perform everything correctly. L&M works with you to create a strategy to build a solid lawn growth plan whether you prefer to start from seed or would rather have a quicker solution and lay sod.

Lawn Care Maintenance Plans

Mowing your lawn is often seen as a burden that comes in Spring and continues to interfere with your family and social life until late Summer. The cost of maintaining your own lawn equipment, personal time involved in researching the proper mix of fertilizer, and keeping up with seasonal weed control can be a burden on the average homeowner that does not have enough time to take care of their lawn and garden. L&M provides a menu of services to provide a custom-fit solution for your lawn care needs that works within your budget. Your lawn maintenance team can be there when needed to keep grass mowed, edged, fertilized, and even address pest control concerns depending on your needs.

Once your service-level is established, your assigned lawn care team will arrive at your home in clean vehicles, dressed in company uniforms, and maintain a professional environment that is minimally invasive to your home life. Our full-time staff are trained in professional mowing, edging, and trimming techniques and come prepared with all of the tools and materials required to perform their job properly. Equipment is cleaned between each job to minimize the transfer of weeds and grass clippings between sites while our team keeps their mowing decks calibrated to ensure proper cutting heights.

After your lawn service has been completed, our staff will remove grass clippings and waste from your outdoor living areas outdoor living areas to maintain a clean look while minimizing tracking debris into your home.


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