Retention and Detention Pond Maintenance

Residential HOAs, commercial property managers, and Property owners are often responsible for the proper function of your retention/detention pond. General maintenance of the land surrounding the pond, required mosquito control, removing of debris, and overall lawn care can make Best Management Practices (BMP) seem like a separate property to manage altogether. L&M provides a comprehensive Retention and Detention Pond Maintenance plan for your property to keep your pond functioning properly and able to pass inspection.

Pond Maintenance Services Provided:

A properly maintained pond is required to minimize flooding of surrounding areas and help in removing various pollutants brought in from rainwater runoff. A failing pond can lead to an increase in insects, a build up of unpleasant odors, and a dangerous environment for your tenets to interact with. These ponds often fail to function properly from out of control weed growth, clogged flow pipes, improperly sloped sides, and generally insufficient pond access.

Lawn Mowing Service

Maintenance of a lawn and plant life surrounding the pond to minimize animal burrows, sinkholes, and various hazardous conditions while creating a “no-mow” zone to reduce fertilization buildup within the pond

Tree, Bush, and Plant Life Selection

Selection and maintenance of plant life to enhance aesthetic appeal while reducing overgrowth of algae

Slope Grading and Stablization

Annual and as-needed repair of slope erosion while correcting improper slope-builds

Silt Removal

Removal of excess soil and sediment caused by water runoff and passive use of property around the pond

Debris Removal

Routine removal of garbage, various debris, and plant life that can clog low-flow orifices and influent or effluent piplines

Pump and Filtration Maintenance

Addressing the maintenance of pumps, filtrations systems, and circulation fountains


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