Site Preparation and Clearance

L&M provides professional site preparation and clearance services to help you maximize the use of your property or prepare for the next stage of its development. We maintain the right equipment and experienced staff to handle small to large site clearance, excavation, and removal of waste materials from your site Our commercial project managers speak the language of your stakeholders, third-party contractors, and consultants to support a strong communication chain during your building process. From virgin ground-breaking to the tear down of past facilities, L&M can help you create useful space for your next project.

Site Preparation and Clearance Services

Access Route Creation

Building direct routes to main development area including ramps and pile mats

Security Fencing and Signage

Setup of adequate fencing and warning signage to promote a safe environment while deterring trespassing

Structure, Hardscape, and Foundation Breakup

The demolition of current facility structure, floors, walls, sidewalks, and other ancillary structures including removal and disposal

Green Waste Removal

Removal or chipping of vegetation, unwanted trees, and stump material from developed ground. This service can include disposal at an approved facility or direct incorporation into the topsoil.

Hazardous Material Removal

Proper handling of asbestos and other hazardous materials to prevent exposure to people and animals

Ground Preparation

Topsoil breakup and soil screening to removal large stones, roots, turf, and debris to create a clean, usable soil environment while incorporating adulterants to create an ideal soil and compaction level.

Drainage and Detention/Retention Pond Creation

Build structures to aid in the drainage of surface water while reducing flooding


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