Tree and Shrub Trimming Service

L&M’s team of professional landscapers provide trimming services for your trees and shrubs to keep them healthy and growing properly while maximizing the plants natural beauty. We partner with our clients from the beginning to select the right trees and bushes, help maintain their investment through regular trimming, and maintain a clean environment by cleaning up clippings and debris when the job is finished.

L&M is your tree and shrub expert that promotes long-lasting, attractive plant life for our landscape.

Tree Trimming Service

L&M arborists have experience in the important aspects of tree trimming necessary to maintain the proper structure of your trees while extending their life.

Trimming a tree the right way is a service best left to the experts that have made an investment is the right tools and received training in the correct techniques to minimize irreversible damage to your investment. A properly manicured tree looks balanced and grows in a controlled pattern that minimizes breakage or weakness caused by unattended growth. Removal of dead spots, limbs that have been damaged by wind or friction with other branches, and overgrown limbs in general prevents further damage as the tree continues to grow.

Our experts understand how to trim trees of all ages, species, and sizes through a biannual program to remove branches and limbs that could damage your home or family.

Shrub Trimming Service

L&M provides shrub trimming service to maintain a healthy plant while enhancing the exterior of your home.

Shrub trimming can be frustrating and create permanent damage when the wrong cut is done. Deciding on the right shape or amount of foliage to be removed is a process that is harder than it appears and requires experience. Your bush variety determines its natural growing cycle, including when it generates flowers for the year and whether it blooms from old growth versus new growth. Trimming your shrubs at the wrong time of year can interrupt this natural growing cycle, keeping the bush from developing properly and you from experiencing its full beauty.

L&M’s team of professional landscapers are trained in the proper techniques to ensure your shrubs are trimmed at the right time and cut into attractive shapes that complement your landscape.


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