Leaves, Leaves, Go Away!!!

We all love a beautifully landscaped yard with manicured bushes, colorful flowers, and welcoming shade trees. In the summer we appreciate the nice big trees that provide shade from the hot sun, but in the fall they require our attention. Leaves, leaves, and more leaves. Seemingly tons of leaves continue to fall day after day. We rake and bag them one day just to find the lawn covered with even more leaves the next day. It is tempting to just let the leaves stay where they fall, but to maintain a healthy lawn we must remove them. A carpet of leaves on the lawn can be a grass killer if left for too long. To stay green, healthy, and lush the grass must have water, nutrients, and sunshine. The loss of any one of these three things will harm or kill your lawn. If you are unable to see your grass for the covering of leaves on top, the sun will be blocked as well preventing the necessary photosynthesis the grass requires to live. A few leaves here and there aren’t going to do any harm, but more than that need to be picked up to allow that sunlight to get through. If left unattended the leaves will rained on and start to stink as they decompose and grow unwanted organisms like molds, mildews, and fungi. Take care of your lawn don’t let a blanket of leaves smother your grass.

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