Weed Control Service

L&M will create a weed control service schedule to proactively and reactively address broadleaf and grassy weed outbreaks in your lawn and landscape.

Each lawn and landscape requires a personal approach to weed control based on how your environment is performing and surrounding features that could be affected. As a homeowner, it can also be overwhelming to select the right product that will fix your weed problems without killing off other plant life. A weed control program is often best performed by professionals that apply the right amount of pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control mediums at the right time of year. Our landscaping team’s goal is to prevent weeds from growing in the first place, keeping their germination from occurring while regularly treating your lawn for maintenance.

Our weed control service offers a comprehensive approach to your property’s health and beauty. Whether your weeds are not responding to your lawn care regiment, growing between pavers, or sprouting up in your driveway L&M can help.

Lawn Weed Control

Your lawn is the largest showpiece of your outdoor environment and the presence of weeds can take away from its beauty while using up soil nutrients meant for your grass.

A lawn full of weeds often means that there are other issues your yard is suffering from like a lack of fertilization or thatch buildup from not performing lawn aeration each year. Bermuda and Crabgrass growing within your Fescue lawn creates brown spots in the fall and winter while henbit or chickweed choke off your lawn when Spring comes. Those unattractive, sprawling clumps of dandelions invading your lawn can also be the result of your neighbor’s lawn mowing blowing their seedlings into your yard.

You can trust L&M to create the right weed control service schedule that keeps your grass weed free and growing healthy.

Landscape Weed Control

The time spent in selecting, planting, and caring for your plant life can quickly be spoiled by the presence of weeds in your natural areas. The different species of flowering plants, ornamental bushes, and other plant life growing in your natural areas requires a multi-tier approach to minimize damage when applying general weed control mediums. All steps of your landscape maintenance plan should be considered, down to the type of topsoil introduced, when it comes to keeping planting beds weed free.

L&M takes a full-spectrum approach to weed control and your total landscape health.

Hardscape Weed Control

Weeds that emerge within your driveway can create structural damage as their root structure expands in spaces that were not meant for plant life. Your paver patio becomes less enjoyable as broadleaf or grassy weeds sprout between your hardscape. Homeowners often do not have the time or patience to remove these invasive weeds by hand and is hard to keep up with in general.

L&M maintains your hardscapes and keeps them weed-free to minimize damage while maximizing beauty.


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